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Joe AriasUp and coming Argentinian director/writer/producer Joe Arias takes Hollywood by storm with his soon to be released and highly anticipated debut feature film "Captured". The extremely driven director also has 8 feature films currently in development.

Los Angeles, CA - Emerging filmmaker, Joe Arias, has captured the attention of Hollywood in a short amount of time. Joe recently co-wrote, directed, and produced his first feature film "Captured", a rock-and-roll thriller starring Brittany Curran (The Magicians/Syfy, Men of a Certain Age), Kirsten Prout (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Dear White People), Julian Curtis (Poster Boy, The Hopsters/WB Network, Spooked/HULU), Christian Monzon (If I Had Known I Was a Genius, Shameless/SHOWTIME), Jake White (Children of the Corn - 2009, Hello Herman) and Mike Randy (Surrogates, One Life to Live), which is slated for release fall of 2017. "Captured" follows a couple of fledgling pop-rock rebels on a mission to chronicle their rise-to-stardom by videotaping their musical exploits as they produce the next viral music video sensation at Front-woman Julie Arias (Brittany Curran) childhood farm. What starts as an innocent road trip of musical discovery of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll, turns into depravity, desperation, and death when an escaped masked convict terrorizes the band. With the cameras still rolling, the music video turns into a snuff film. As Julie's musical family is maliciously picked off one-by-one by this mysterious masked predator, Julie suspects the killer is linked to her troubled past and her biological family. Joe was inspired to co-write this film after hearing a family friend's true life story and the tragedy that occurred with her very own children. "Captured" was co-written by Michael Meinecke, J.P. Ouellette, and Joe Arias. The film was executive produced by Nicolas Veinberg, Ewan Bourne and Paul Emami, and produced by Charles Arthur Berg, Maxx Fisher, Jeremy Gilbreath, J.P.  Ouellette and Dylan Matlock.

Joe’s career in the entertainment industry began at the early age of 12 years old, when he was chosen from amongst thousands of child actors to be the lead of the widely popular, Argentinian television program, "Amigovios". Working on the hit television show with top Argentinian actors, directors and producers from such an early age taught Joe how to work in a demanding environment on a professional level. Shortly after the show ended and Joe finished high school, he received a scholarship to attend Lindenwood University in St. Louis, Missouri where he studied theater and film.  Joe graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communications.

From his careers as an actor and as a professional photographer, Joe’s eye for directing really blossomed. He has become a director with an incomparable passion and striking visual style, committed to creating meaningful films and works of art that transport audiences to another world. Joe's artistic viewpoint as a director was highly influenced by some of Hollywood's cult-classic films, including  Labyrinth", "Willow", "ET", and "The Goonies". Joe's received early award-winning success with his short film  "Persona" (2008) after being accepted into 15 film festivals, winning 6 awards, including "Best Director" and "Best Cinematography". "Persona" also qualified for Academy Award consideration in 2008. Joe subsequently directed his second short film "The Fallen Angel" (2010) which starred well-known actor, Billy Drago (The Untouchables). In 2013, Joe was one of 10 filmmakers from around the world honored at the 2013 Chicago International Film Festival with a special screening of a short film he was selected to direct as part of a program sponsored by Porsche.

"I am incredibly honored and privileged to be working as a director in this super exciting time that we are living in.  As storytellers, we do have a moral responsibility to encrypt human lessons in the tales we tell so that this society, our society, your society, can survive, grow and prosper as ONE. There are no differences. We have to cut back the gap, so we can all understand that as a human society we are one. One interconnected big human organism of life." - states Arias

Recently, Joe formed his own flourishing production company Joe Arias Films and is currently in development on eight features films he is also planning to direct. Joe Arias has become a true inspiration for Latino filmmakers. He's promising career as a director and producer is definitely one to look out for.

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